Frequently Asked Questions

Where do seniors get their pictures made?

Seniors need to contact Western Photo in Amarillo (373-5124), make an appointment and get their senior portraits taken BEFORE school starts. There is no charge for having this photo made, and it is the only senior photo accepted for the senior portrait section.

How do I purchase a senior tribute ad for my student?

Click here for more information! Senior tribute ad orders are due on Friday, September 6, 2019!

How do I purchase a yearbook?

Students and parents must order yearbooks online beginning in August. Orders will be closed at the end of February. The earlier the order, the better price students can get!

Yearbooks not paid for by the cut-off date are not ordered. A very limited number of extra yearbooks are ordered and available for purchase until the supply is depleted. These books need to be purchased through Mrs. Smith in room 1305.

Students need to check with Mrs. Smith for current price and availability. Extra books are usually gone by the first day the yearbooks arrive, so it is very important to take care of your yearbook purchase early.

Order and pay for your yearbook here.

When will the books arrive?

The books usually arrive in early May.

How come yearbooks cost so much?

Yearbooks are 224 page custom designed and printed books. Students sell advertising to the community and to senior parents to help defray the cost of the books, which is much higher than what individual students pay. Think about how much money you spend on a CD or going to the movies, and you’ll realize that a permanent collection of high school memories, photos, and events is worth what it costs to own…especially twenty years from now.

How can I be on the yearbook staff?

Students interested in being on yearbook staff need to take Journalism 1 prior to applying for a staff position. The number of students interested in the journalism program has increased, and students need to have mastered Journalism 1 skills in order to perform at their best in both advanced journalism classes ( yearbook and newspaper).